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  • Statewide Farmer Needs Assessment: Calling all producers and aspiring producers!
  • Join us for the Reimagined 2020 Food & Farm Forum, Dec 3-13!
  • Apply — or Nominate Someone — to Join the ASAN board of directors
  • Welcome to two new team members!
  • ASAN Helps Provide Over $30K in COVID Relief to Farmers And Markets
  • Thanks For Grazing Responsibly With Us — Now Keep It Going!




Cover page of Summer print newsletter2020 SUMMER

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  • COVID-19 Brings Widespread Disruption, and opportunities for Building Community Resilience
  • ASAN offers COVID-19 Relief Funds for Farmers and Markets
  • New Faces of ASAN Leadership — ASAN Board, Staff, and Youth Council
  • Food & Farm Forum — Save the Date, and Propose to Lead a Session!
  • Central Alabama CRAFT 2020
  • No In-person Graze This Year — But Still Support your Local Farms and Restaurants!
  • SSAWG Announces Closure
  • Member Profiles Series: Joseph Battistella



cover of 2020 spring ASAN newsletter2020 SPRING

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  • Community Spirit Energizes Biggest Food & Farm Forum Ever!
  • Get Involved With ASAN in 2020!
  • Be Part of ASAN’s Youth Work in 2020!
  • Central AL CRAFT Update
  • FARFA Lawsuit: Produce Safety Rule Hurts Small Farmers
  • Watch Out For Biosolid Sludge Labeled as “Fertilizer”
  • Member Profiles Series: Joe Kemble
  • Member Profiles Series: Allison and Kirk Creel, Blue Rooster Farms



front cover of winter 2019 asan newsletter2019 WINTER

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  • Join Us on the Coast! Food & Farm Forum 2019
  • Central Alabama CRAFT Network Kicks Off With a Bang
  • Staff Changes at ASAN!
  • Apply – Or Nominate Someone – To Join the Board of Directors
  • Farm Food Collaborative Celebrates Farm-to-School Month
  • Root Deep in Data! An Update From the Southeast Organic Partnership
  • What a Way to Celebrate Five Years of Grazing in Birmingham!
  • Member Profiles Series: Randi & David Carter, Owl Good Farm
  • Member Profiles Series: Aubrey Gallegos, Camp McDowell



2019 FALL

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  • First-Ever Graze: Huntsville Draws 500+ attendees!
  • Graze: Birmingham Turns Five! Join us September 8
  • C.R.A.F.T. Network Forms for Farmer Training and Networking
  • Introducing the 2019 ASAN Youth Council
  • What to Expect: 2019 Forum and Youth Forum
  • Member Profiles Series: Doug Allen, Pelham Culinary Academy
  • Member Profiles Series: Danica Abejon, Sweet City Micros
  • ASAN Farmer Inventory and Winter Internships


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  • Propose a Session for this Year’s Forum / Youth Forum!
  • Join us in July for the Inaugural Graze: Huntsville!
  • Parkinson’s Disease and Pesticides: One Family’s Story
  • Latest Updates on the FDA’s Produce Safety Rule
  • New Additions to the ASAN Team
  • Update from the Southeast Organic Partnership at Tuskegee University
  • Is Organic Production for Me?  A Survey of Alabama Fruit, Nut, and Vegetable Growers
  • Member Profiles Series: Poarch Band of Creek Indians
  • North Alabama Revolving Loan Fund Supports Small Businesses





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  • Record Group Gathers for Amazing 2018 Food & Farm Forum!
  • Tech Company Square Invests $2M to Save Leading Provider of Farmers Market SNAP Availability
  • 2019 ASAN Outlook, and How to Get Involved
  • Changes to ASAN Membership
  • Gratitude
  • Want to Help Organize this Year’s Youth Forum?
  • Member Task Force Updates ASAN’s Core Belief Statements
  • We’ve Got Hats and T-shirts!
  • ASAN Forms Pilot Farmers Market Leadership Committee
  • Farmers Markets: Join ASAN to Also Become a Member of the Farmers Market Coalition
  • Member Profiles Series: Foster Dickson
  • Member Profiles Series: Barbara Shipman


2018-19 WINTER

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  • Outlook: 2018 Food & Farm Forum
  • Save with the Alabama Renewable Energy Assessment Program
  • Hometown Action and ASAN Launch Community Survey
  • ASAN Attends US Food Sovereignty Alliance Assembly
  • Introducing ASAN’s Newest Board Members
  • Meet the Brilliant Young People Behind the Youth Food & Farm Forum
  • September Showers Make for Great Grazing
  • Member Profiles Series: Clif Joulian, the Nurse Farmer
  • Member Profiles Series: Meg Ford
  • “Growing Farm Profits” Scholarship Opportunity for Farmer-Mentor Teams
  • Note About the Enclosed ASAN Organizational Documents
  • Market Survey Seeks Feedback of Alabama Fruit, Vegetable, and Nut Producers


2018 FALL

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  • Seed Saving 101: Tubers, and More about the Seed Bank
  • Preview of the 4th Annual Graze: Birmingham
  • Food & Farm Forum Important Dates and Deadlines
  • Meet ASAN’s Staff!
  • Member Profiles Series: Kamilla Holst Nelson, Happy Flappy Farm
  • Member Profiles Series: Chef Thyme Randle, the Underground Cooking Academy
  • Update from the Southeast Organic Partnership at Tuskegee University






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  • Farm Bill 2018: What You Need to Know (and Do!)
  • Seed Saving 101: Storage
  • Announcing our First-Ever Youth Food & Farm Forum
  • ASAN Odds & Ends
  • Member Profiles Series: Martha Daughdrill, Viperville Vegetable Farm
  • Member Profiles Series: Marilyn Mannhard, Local Food Production Initiative
  • Alabama Farmers and Ranchers: Please Complete the 2017 Census of Agriculture





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  • 2017 in Review: “Cultivate ASAN” Strategic Planning Process
  • 2017 in Review: Food & Farm Forum
  • Seed Saving 101: Harvesting and Processing
  • Member Profiles Series: Kristin Woods
  • Member Profiles Series: Working Cows Dairy
  • Many Thanks to Several Outgoing Board Members
  • SSAWG Comes to Chattanooga
  • Update from the Southeast Organic Partnership at Tuskegee University




2017-18 WINTER

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  • Seed Saving 101: How to Ensure True-to-Type Seed – By the Sand Mountain Seed Bank
  • Business Brainstorming with a Business Model Canvas – By Karen Wynne
  • 2018 SSAWG Conference Comes to Chattanooga
  • An “Outpouring” of Thanks for Another Fantastic Graze!
  • Winter 2017-18 Conferences and Gatherings
  • National Young Farmer Survey Releases Results





2017 FALL

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  • ‘Tis the Off-Season: Marketing Through the Winter – By Karen Wynne
  • Don’t Miss the 25th Blount County Solar Homes Tour – By Daryl Bergquist
  • Welcome to Seed Saving 101 – By the Sand Mountain Seed Bank
  • Join us September 17 for the 3rd Annual Graze: Birmingham!
  • Thank you for helping “Cultivate ASAN”!







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  • New Office, New Staff!
  • Good Post-Harvest Handling Methods Help Maximize Profit, Minimize Waste and Risk
  • Enjoying Human and Microbial Community at Ferment Festival
  • Save the Date for Graze: Birmingham!
  • Share your Views and Help “Cultivate ASAN” This Year!






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  • A Non-Spray Approach to Spotted Wing Drosophila – by Rod Havens
  • The Food Turn-Up! Growing Food Literacy to Reduce Chronic Disease – By Natilee McGruder
  • ASAN Outlook for 2017 – We Want to Hear from You!
  • Help Us Welcome Seven New Members to ASAN’s Board of Directors
  • ASAN Partners on Four-Year Organic Initiative
  • ASAN Helps 17 Farmers Attend 2017 SSAWG Conference; 2018 Conference Moves to Chattanooga
  • Reformatted Cost Share Program Makes Organic Certification Easier – by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC)
  • How Sustainable Agriculture Advocates Can Take Action in 2017 – by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC)



2016-17 WINTER:

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  • Water Stewards for Life – By Skye Borden
  • Policy Corner: Food Safety Regulations – By Karen Wynne
  • Balancing Increased Irrigation, Erratic Water Flows, and Inadequate Water Policy – By Mary Ignatiadis
  • Regional Forums Rundown
  • Grazing in the City: 2nd Annual Farm-to-Fork Picnic Showcases Friends Old and New
  • Start with the Visceral: Afro-Vegan Chef Bryant Terry in Montgomery – By Natilee McGruder
  • Don’t Miss the 2017 SSAWG Conference!
  • As the Materials Flow: What is your community made of? – By Lindsey Lunsford
  • Join, Renew, donate, or Give a Gift For ASAN this December!




2016 FALL:

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  • Policy corner: Business Licenses and Sales Tax – By Sheree Martin
  • Notes from the Field: How I Spent my Summer Vacation
    — Going Green in India – By David Meek
    — Collecting Soil, Bearing Witness to Lynching Victims – Madison Clark
    — Learning to Drive A No-Frills Alabama Made Tractor – By Caroline Grove
  • Oggún Tractors – “An example for the world” – By Locky Catron
  • The Regional Forums are Here!
  • Another Great Year for Grazing
  • Thanks to our Summer Intern Caroline
  • Eat Drink Read Write Festival Returns to Birmingham – By Brandon Crawford Smith
  • Cost Share Program Makes Organic Certification More Affordable
  • Resources Available for Beginning Farmers


2016 SUMMER:

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  • A Buyer’s Guide to Navigating Farmers Markets – By Katie Willis
  • Coming Soon to Alabama: Industrial Hemp
    — New Law Legalizes Industrial Hemp Farming in Alabama, For Research Purposes Only – By McMillan Arrington
    — A Brief History of Industrial Hemp in the U.S. – Michael LaBelle
  • Now Available: Comprehensive School Garden Curriculum for Alabama – By Lindsay Turner
  • New Meat Processing Facility for Sustainable Farmers Needs Your Support
  • Policy Roundup: Hunger Prevention and the Alabama Legislature – By Carol Gundlach



2016 SPRING:

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  • Emerging Opportunities in Alabama Agriculture: Organic Grains – By Alice Evans, Michael LaBelle, Graydon Rust, and Allison Stewart
    — Profile: Windy Acres Farm in Orlinda, TN
    — Profile: To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company in Fitzpatrick, AL
    — Profile: Rye project with High Ridge Spirits (Union Springs, AL) and MightyGrow Organics (Fruitdale, AL)
  • Deadline Approaching for Working-Farm Conservation Program (CSP) – By the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), compiled by Katie Willis
  • Sustainability in the Black Belt – By Kayla Robinson
  • Introduction of new members of ASAN Board of Directors
  • Experienced Growers Wanted: Help Save the Sand Mountain Seed Bank- By Trae Watson
  • Update on Alabama’s Beginning Farmer/Rancher Development Program – by Jayme Oates



2015-16 WINTER:

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  • Food Policy Briefings – By Karen Wynne and Renee Maas (Trans-Pacific Partnership, DARK Act / GMO labeling, poultry processing regulations, Food Freedom legislation, FSMA / food safety, farm business roadmaps)
  • Report-back from Community Land Trust conference – By Susan Diane Mitchell
  • Regional Forums rundown
  • Thoughts on youth and the future of sustainable ag in Alabama – By Natilee McGruder
  • New resources for Alabama’s beginning farmers – By Jayme Oates



2015 FALL:

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  • Emerging Opportunities in Alabama Agriculture: Garlic – By Michael LaBelle
  • You Don’t Want to Miss Graze: Birmingham
  • ‘Tis the Season for ASAN Regional Food & Farm Forums!
  • “Nothing to Lose But Our Chains”: Envisioning Just Transitions – By Gabe Denton
  • The Hows and Whys of Monitoring Water Quality – By Stephen Tsikalas
  • Shepherd Bend Mine Proposal Defeated at Last – By Nelson Brooke
  • Building #SouthernPeoplesPower in Uniontown and Beyond – By Susan Diane Mitchell
  • Formation of Statewide Community Garden Network Underway – By Anne Randle
  • A Big Win for Second Chances: Alabama Ends its Lifetime SNAP Ban – By Carol Gundlach


2015 summer

2015 SUMMER:

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  • Adventures in Fermentation – By Pete Halupka and Lindsay Whiteaker
  • Emerging Opportunities in Alabama Agriculture: Blackberries – By Michael LaBelle
  • Resisting Monoculture to Embrace “Many Worlds Within One World” (writeup of Beehive Collective workshops) – By Robyn Hyden
  • What’s Up with Edwin? – By Anne LaBelle
  • High Tunnel Pest Exclusion System: A Much-Needed Innovation – By Ayanava Majumdar
  • The Local Food System: Getting to Know Your Neighbor – By Natilee McGruder




2015 SPRING:

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  • Emerging Opportunities in Alabama Agriculture: Bananas – By Michael LaBelle
  • Huntsville Garden Collective Combating Food Injustice – By Jaleel Nash
  • Getting “Off the Grid” in Blount County – By Wade Austin
  • ASAN Board Transitions: Introductions and Farewells
  • Don’t Miss the 1st Annual Tennessee Valley Farm Tour – By Karen Wynne
  • Changes, Transitions, and Improvements AT ASAN!
  • Rooted in the Land: Wisdom from Black Women Farmers in Alabama – By Natilee McGruder
  • SSAWG Conference Wraps up stint in Alabama, ASAN gives 29 Scholarships – By Alice Evans



2014-2015 winter

2014-2015 WINTER:

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  • Emerging Opportunities in Alabama Agriculture Series: Shiitake Mushrooms – By Michael LaBelle
  • Thoughts from A Visit from Joel Salatin – By Natilee McGruder and George and Becky Rogers
  • Farm-to-School Spotlight: Dothan – By Michael Jackson
  • Checking in on the 2014 ASAN Regional Food & Farm Forums
  • Slow Money—What’s That?! – By LaTanya Millhouse
  • Wallace State Community College To Launch Sustainable Ag Certificate
  • Civil Rights at the Center of Farm Aid in Raleigh – By Michael Wall



2014 fall

2014 FALL:

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  • Emerging Opportunities in Alabama Agriculture Series: Elderberries – By Michael LaBelle
  • Rooted in the Land: Black Cultural Identity – By Natilee McGruder
  • Learning from the Model of a Costa Rican Coffee Co-op – By Mary Ignatiadis
  • “Train the Trainer” Workshops on Organic High Tunnels Planned in October
  • Updated Small Farms Resource Guide Now Available
  • The Year of The Horse: Learning to Farm with Draft Animals – By Joan Robertson
  • ASAN Regional Food & Farm Forums are Back!
  • FSMA: What is it, again? Why does it matter? And where are we now? – By NSAC Food Safety Team



2014 summer print quality

2014 SUMMER:

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  • Keeping Families and Farms Protected Forever – By Marie Bostick
  • Water is Life: Alabama Needs a Sustainable Water Management Plan – By Cindy Lowry
  • What’s in Store for Alabama? Expanded Access to Healthy Food – By Melanie Bridgeforth
  • Sharpening a Vision for Grassroots Economic Empowerment at “Jackson Rising” Conference – By Rob Burton
  • What is the Cost of Poverty in our Communities? – By Cynthia McKinney
  • NC-Based Professional Sheep Shearer Visits Alabama Farms – By Charlie Meek
  • Society of St. Andrew- Gleaning Alabama’s Fields, Feeding Alabama’s Hungry – By Mary Lynn Botts
  • Druid City Garden Project Expands this Fall
  • Potential Tar Sands Operation Poses Threat to Northwest Alabama Soil and Water – By Cindy Lowry
  • ASAN Hosts Community Potlucks around the State
  • Updates from Regional Food Policy Councils
  • Food Policy Briefing: New Cottage Food Law Goes into Effect June 1 – By Kristin Woods

2014 spring newsletter
2014 SPRING:

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  • An Off-Bottom Inspiration on the Gulf – By Jim Lancuster and Bill Walton
  • What’s Going on in Your Soil?  The Basics of Soil Fertility – By Michael LaBelle
  • Grassroots Efforts to Fight Hunger Take Root in Russell County – By Alice Evans
  • Training a New Generation of capable, compassionate Farm Advocates – By Rita-Bennett Chew
  • The Benefits of Using Silvopasture to “Stack” Livestock, Forestry, and Pasture – By Emily Stutzman Jones
  • Deadline Approaches for Health Care Enrollment, While Groups Push to Close Alabama’s “Coverage Gap” – by Alice Evans
  • Loan Fund Receives New Money to Fund Food-related Businesses – By Mary Ellen Judah
  • Food Policy Briefings—updates on State and Federal Food Policy (Grocery Tax, Cottage Food Bill, and the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act) – by Carol Gundlach, Chris Sanders, Barbara Parsons, and Anita Daniel
  • Updates from Regional Food Policy Councils
  • ASAN Needs Survey Results
  • All Hands on Deck — ASAN Needs Your Help!

winter 2013-14

2013-2014 WINTER:

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  • After the Farm: Post-Production Challenges in the Local Meat Movement – By Tiffany Williams Woods
  • Charting the Course for “A Garden in Every School” – By Alice Evans
  • Getting Started with Crop Rotation – By Karen Wynne
  • Jim ‘N Nick’s Supporting Local, Heritage Hog Production – By Alice Evans
  • Snapshots from the 2013 Regional Food and Farm Forums
  • Mobile Welcomes 2014 SSAWG Conference
  • NARLF (North Alabama Revolving Loan Fund) Awards First Three Loans
  • Policy Updates (Food Safety Modernization Act and Farm Bill)



2013 fall

2013 FALL
: (click title to open PDF)

  • A Different Path from Farm To Fork: Community Supported Agriculture in Alabama – By Mary Ignatiadis
  • Cover Up! Cover Crops 101 – By Jan Garrett
  • Regarding Cypress Creek Organic Farms
  • Incubator Farm Program Is Growing Successful New Farmers – By Karen Wynne
  • Cooking With the Seasons: Fall, Recipe for Caramelized Onion and Butternut Squash Tart – By Steve Bunner
  • Cooking With the Seasons: Fall, Recipe for Pecan Pie – By Becky Rogers
  • Getting Paid For Doing Good: Protecting our Water Supply – By Skye Borden
  • “Grow your Voice” at ASAN’s 2013 Regional Food & Farm Forums



2013 summer

2013 SUMMER:
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  • Opportunities and Challenges of Farm-to-Restaurant – By Alice Evans
  • Why Not Pick Your Own? – By Mike Reeves
  • Solarization CAN Help Rid Your High Tunnel of Diseases, Pests and Weed Seeds – By Victor Khan
  • Black Belt Sewing Collective Launches Web Store – By Natilee McGruder
  • Cooking With the Seasons: Summer, Recipe for Crazy Sista’s Shrimp Ceviche – By Lucy Buffett
  • ASAN Farmers “Fly-in” to Speak To Congress – By Shavaun Evans
  • Mr. Bowen Goes (Back) to Washington – By Mark Bowen
  • Why Care About Policy? – By Alice Evans
  • Updates from the Alabama Food Policy Council



More archived issues:  (contact us by email and we’ll send you a PDF)

2013 SPRING:

  • The Lowdown on High Tunnels – By Victor Khan
  • Jacksonville-Area Farmers Talk Regional Strategy
  • Crop Mob Program Poised to Expand
  • Beekeeping Goes Hand-in-Hand With Farming, but it ain’t Easy – By Roslyn Horton
  • Profile: Cold Creek Honey Company
  • Learning Network Helps Farmers Better Utilize High Tunnels
  • ASAN To Host “Wholesale Success” Workshop in Cullman
  • Collaboration Leads to Extraordinary Farm-to-Plate Journey – By Kathryn Strickland and Mary Lynn Botts
  • Cooking With the Seasons: Spring Greens, Recipe for Mustard Greens Surprise – By Yawah Awolowo
  • Cooking With the Seasons: Spring Greens, Recipe for Shaved Brussels Sprout and Radicchio Salad with Toasted Walnuts – Reprinted from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Seeds Bring Together a Community — Community Seed Swap in Huntsville
  • Black Belt Farmers’ Produce Featured at “Farm to Table” Dinner – By Keisha Turner-Abrahams
  • Update on Food Policy Work Around the State
  • Alabama Farmers to Make their Case in Washington, DC


2012-2013 WINTER:

  • Camp McDowell Lays Groundwork for New McDowell Farm School
  • 2013 Southern SAWG Conference Is Coming Up Soon!
  • A Primer on Hosting Farm Interns
  • A Conversation with Andy Grace of “Eating Alabama”
  • State Food Policy Council Presents Opportunities, Challenges – By Will Thomas
  • Growing Under Cover: High Tunnel Production in Alabama
  • North Alabama Revolving Loan Fund Now Accepting Applications
  • Advanced Organic Training Held in North Carolina
  • Fifth Annual Farm and Food Forum Brings Together Leaders From Around the State
  • Getting Certified: The Certification Process, and Which Certification (If Any) Might Be Right For You
    • Certification that Supports Local Farmer Networks: Certified Naturally Grown – By Alice Varon
    • Understanding the Organic Certification Process – By Karen Wynne