Central Alabama CRAFT Network

What is CRAFT?

CRAFT stands for Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training.  The original CRAFT network formed in upstate New York as a way to provide diverse on-farm training and a shared social network for farm interns, apprentices, and employees.  The model has been replicated in many other places, and adapted to meet the needs of each particular place.

The Central Alabama CRAFT (like many others) will include farm owners and operators as well as interns, apprentices, and employees.

This effort builds on past efforts to build community and share knowledge – including but not limited to the Central Alabama Farmer Socials, and ASAN’s crop mob workdays and Tailgate Trainings.


Plans for summer & fall of 2019

We will be having four “pre-pilot” events in summer/fall 2019, to begin gauging interest and working out some of the bugs.  CRAFT days will consist of a farm tour/workshop and will be followed by a potluck social.

2019 schedule:

Monday, August 26th – Permaculture @ Walden Farms (Bessemer)
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Monday, September 23rd – Cut flowers @ Hepzibah Farms (Talladega)
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Sunday, October 13th – Perennial fruit production @ Jones Valley Teaching Farm (Birmingham)
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Sunday, November 17th – No-till @ Bois d’arc Farm (Uniontown)
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The cost for each event if $5/person.  Youth, kids, and babies are welcome, and may attend for free!


Guidelines and norms for all CRAFT events:

  • Please bring your own reusable dishes, cups, silverware, etc., for the potluck, if possible!  Disposable supplies will be available for folks who forget, but help us keep their use to a minimum!
  • Please be mindful of the potential to spread animal/plant pathogens between farms, on footwear/clothing and vehicles. Please clean farm boots and clothing, and ideally car/truck tires, before visiting other farms, especially if you have known animal/plant pathogens on your own farm.  Please refrain from smoking, as well.
  • Events are held on farms that may also be homes to dogs, livestock, bees, fire ants, etc.  There may be uneven terrain, holes, ditches, and other hazards.  Please respect the host farm’s instructions and requests about where you can/can’t go.  All attendees are responsible for taking an active role in their own safety. If you have allergies, please bring any medication along with you and let someone know.


Please keep an eye on this page as well as our Facebook page and Instagram for more details



Winter 2019 & beyond

We plan to convene a steering committee this winter to formalize a structure for the group, and plan the slate of events for 2020.  Details will be announced as they come together.



For more information contact [email protected] / 256-743-0742.