As the events of 2020 have made the need for human connection more acute, we understand that the desire for the Food & Farm Forum is ever stronger; its usefulness more apparent.  And yet we know we cannot simply move our Food & Farm Forum onto Zoom; we have to completely reimagine and reconfigure the Forum both to share critical learnings together and to create a vital space of connection and revitalization for the year to come.

In that vein, ASAN’s staff and Forum Planning Committee invite you to join us Thurs 12/3 through Sun 12/13 for for the

2020 Food & Farm Forum and Youth Forum

eleven days of virtual “hands-on” skillshare sessions, identity-based huddles, and network-wide “campfire” sessions — all meant to inspire, skill-build, and deepen both our collective analysis and our commitment to one another. We’re even planning a virtual dance party!

More details for the sessions and registration coming soon! You can find updates on ASAN’s website ( and on Facebook ( and Instagram @asanonline.


The skillshares, led by people who have been honing their skills and knowledge for years, will cover topics such as starting a cooperative, seed-saving, social media (for non-social media people), adapting to COVID-19, growing your own animal feed, and much more!

The campfire sessions — marking the beginning, middle, and end of the 11-day series — will together shed light on historical precedents for surviving moments of immense change and discuss the ways we are all inextricably connected to these systems of domination in order to chart a just, sustainable and cooperative path forward.

We incorporated the advice for topics from our input form (thanks to everyone who filled it out!) and have come up with a robust list that has something for everyone!  Plus, we know the Forum is much more than just the material within the sessions, which is why we have an ***entire Fun Committee*** committed to ensuring that this here Forum will incorporate fun, creativity and healing into and beyond the sessions themselves.

More details coming soon.


Details coming soon.



Details coming soon.



Details coming soon.



Details coming soon. If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the Food & Farm Forum, please contact Mindy at [email protected]