Graze: Birmingham is a farm-to-fork picnic in which attendees “graze” on a wide variety of dishes, each produced by a different local farmer + local restaurant pair. Add in some picnic blankets, live music, and delicious local beverages… and it’s a picnic you don’t want to miss!

Sunday, September 9, 2018
Avondale Brewery



Graze tickets are sold on a sliding scale.  Name your own price within the ranges given.  Please give as generously as you can!
>> Adults: $25-75 (recommended price: $45)
>> Kids <13: $5-15 (recommended price: $10)

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Avondale Common House & Distillery  +  Hamm Farm
City Club Restaurant  +  BDA/Bois D’Arc Farms
Continental Bakery  +  Hepzibah Farms
Downstairs Diner at East Lake UMC  +  Dixon Family Farm
East 59 Vintage & Cafe  +  Grandview Farm
El Barrio Restaurante  +  Greene Prairie Aquafarm
Golden Temple  +  Snow’s Bend Farm
Magic City Sweet Ice  +  Walden Farms
Pelham Culinary Arts  +  Caver Farms
Red Sea Ethiopian Restaurant  +  Grateful Acres
Rusty’s Bar-B-Q  +  DSR Farms
Sprout & Pour  +  Belle Meadow Farms
Taco Morro Loco  +  Stillwater Farm
Thyme Randle  +  Heron Hollow Farms
Tropicaleo  +  Marble Creek Farmstead
Harvest Roots Ferments – kombucha
Jones Valley Teaching Farm – flowers














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Show your support for Alabama farms, Alabama food, and Alabama communities!  Sponsors gain recognition from an audience passionate about supporting people, organizations, and businesses who give back to their communities  — an audience that appreciates and supports high-quality craft, stewardship, innovation, and service, whatever forms they might take.

By sponsoring Graze: Birmingham you show support for your neighbors who, like you, are working to build and sustain their communities and to make Alabama a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous place to live.

For information about sponsorship please contact Alice at [email protected].