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909, 2018

4th Annual Graze: Birmingham “Save the Date” 9/9/2018

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We’re excited to share the good news so early, keep plenty of room in your bellies for this one!

We’ll be holding our fourth annual farm-to-fork picnic fundraiser, again at Avondale Brewery in Birmingham, on Sunday, September 9, 2018, from 5-8pm.

Stay tuned for details, see you there!

1709, 2017

3rd Annual Graze: Birmingham

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It’s back – we’ll be holding our third annual farm-to-fork picnic fundraiser, again at Avondale Brewery in Birmingham, on Sunday, September 17, 2017, from 5-8pm.  Head on over to for all the details, and to buy your tickets!

See you there!

1407, 2017

3rd Annual Graze: Birmingham

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Graze: Birmingham is a farm-to-fork picnic in which attendees “graze” on a wide variety of dishes, each produced by a different local farmer + local restaurant pair. Add in some picnic blankets, live music, and delicious local beverages… and it’s a picnic you don’t want to miss!

Sunday, September 17, 2017
Avondale Brewery


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2409, 2016

Fall Farm to Feast

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The day is split into two parts:

1. Carl Blake is coming down from Missouri to teach a class on roasting a rare Iowa Swabian Hall pig in his creation, the American Hot Box (8 AM – $40, includes breakfast and lunch).

2. Carl’s pig along with veggies grown at Mill Village Community Garden & Food Park will be […]

2008, 2016

Farm Y’all Farm-to-Fork Dinner

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Annual farm-to-table dinner featuring celebrity chefs and live music.  Generally held one week before the Farm Y’all Festival in Cullman.  More info to follow at

This event is not hosted by ASAN. As one of ASAN’s roles is to share information and resources across our network so as to maximize all of our impact, we routinely […]

1309, 2015

Graze: Birmingham

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Y’all come on out to Graze: Birmingham, a farm-to-fork picnic hosted by the Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network, showcasing the people who plant, nurture, harvest, chop, peel, ferment, fire-roast, stew, and serve the absolute best of Central Alabama’s eats!

Farmer-chef pairs will serve dinner tapas-style in the shady backyard of Avondale Brewery on Sunday, Sept 13,. Enjoy […]