For many years, the (adult) Food & Farm Forum has been the primary annual gathering of ASAN’s statewide network of farmers, gardeners, community leaders, and good food advocates.  In 2018, approximately 200 diverse participants from across the state will convene for a weekend of community-building and fellowship combined with peer-to-peer, hands-on learning in the form of workshops, panel discussions, and breakout conversations.

In 2018, alongside the (adult) Food & Farm Forum, for the first time ever we will be holding a Youth Food & Farm Forum geared towards youth ages 14-21.

Target attendance for the Youth Forum is between 40-50 youth ages 14-21.  The Youth Forum program will consist of 6-10 sessions on topics ranging from agricultural production, food sovereignty, community/grassroots organizing, and more.  These sessions will be led by guest presenters, with an emphasis on youth-led sessions, hands-on sessions, and sessions geared towards building hard skills and critical analysis.  Specific decisions about the topics and presenters featured, session formats, and other logistics, will be made by the Youth Council (see below) and the Youth Forum Coordinator.

About the Youth Council

The Youth Council will be comprised of 6-10 youth (ages 14-21) from around the state who, between July and December 2018, will help to plan and develop the 2018 Youth Food & Farm Forum.  Youth Council members will have the opportunity to build skills in event planning, outreach, and leadership, and to build collaborative relationships with other youth around the state, all while working towards the successful execution of a first-of-its-kind statewide event.

The Council will meet, along with the Youth Forum Coordinator, for monthly meetings via Zoom (by phone and/or computer).  At these meetings the Council and the Coordinator will make decisions regarding the topics/presenters to be featured at the Youth Forum, create and roll out a strategy for effective outreach and promotion, and oversee logistics relating to registration, lodging, and more.

Youth Council members will attend the Youth Forum Dec 7-8 in Nauvoo, AL, and their registration and lodging will be waived as part of their service to the Council.  (They may also receive a travel stipend, if funds allow.)  They will participate in the Forum while also serving as go-to point people for the Youth Forum Coordinator, should the need for any last-minute event-related decision-making arise.

Apply to Join!


Please submit your completed application (and parent/guardian permission, if applicable) via mail or email according to the instructions at the top of page 3 of the document linked above.   Deadline is July 9.