ASAN and the Forum aim to create community.  Even though that community is coming together online this year, still, in order for it to be a reflection of our deepest values and best selves, we must adhere to some shared agreements about HOW we come together and how we engage.  Below are the agreements that guide and govern the space we are all creating and holding, together.

Be present and engaged

  • Take full advantage of this opportunity to be together, even if it virtual!  Be active in the chat, connect with folks after the session, etc.
  • As much as possible, be present with your video on, and give the session your full attention.  (That said, see below.)

Take care: of yourself and one another

  • COVID has us (even more so than normal) wearing many hats and stretching ourselves in many directions.  We understand if you need to multi-task, caregive, cook a meal, wrangle the kids, etc.  Do what you can, and do what you need to take care of your needs!
  • Practice patience as care – the virtual Forum is a brave new world for all of us, so please extend patience to yourself, your fellow attendees, and the hardworking ASAN team who is working tirelessly behind the scenes!

Lean into discomfort 

  • Meet new people, try on new ideas, and do your best to attend at least one session outside your comfort zone / wheelhouse

Move up move up!

  • If you are a person who tends to talk more / dominate a group, you are invited to move up your listening.
  • If you are a person who tends to observe, you are invited to move up your sharing.

Be slow and spacious in your thoughts and words

  • Embrace “yes, and..” rather than “yes, but.”  Make room for multiple truths and multiple perspectives.
  • Listen to understand … not just to respond or to challenge.

Acknowledge intention / address impact

  • We hope and will assume that we all have good intentions…
  • … and we invite one another to name harm when it occurs, so that it can be addressed (one on one, or in a group setting).

Have fun! Learn something!  Enjoy one another!