412, 2016

74th Annual Professional Agricultural Workers Conference (PAWC)

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Theme:”Cultivating a Culture of Success Through Innovation in Agriculture, Forestry, Natural Resources ”

Veterans in Agriculture
Biotechnology & Climate Change
Healthy Innovations: Trends in Nutrition & Wellness
Small Farmers: Race Place & Social Justice
Innovations in Animal Science Outreach & Research Programs
Mother Nature: Strategies for Protecting & Sustaining the Environment
New Money: Young […]

1902, 2015

123rd Annual Tuskegee Farmers Conference

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Hosted by Tuskegee University / Tuskegee Cooperative Extension:
The Farmers Conference at Tuskegee University is often cited as the oldest event of its type in the nation. The first Farmers Conference, originally called the “Peoples Conference” was hosted on Tuskegee’s historic campus on February 23, 1892. This conference exists today as a two-day educational forum that […]