5 02, 2020

Living Landscapes Creating a Haven for Butterflies: Your Yard and Beyond

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From the organizers: We will focus on host & nectar plants; innovative ways to incorporate these plants into your landscape; learn the value of “trash trees” & explore a treasure trove of garden-worthy, butterfly-friendly ground covers, vines, flowers, shrubs, & trees with author Paulette Haywood. $5 per person. Register here. ……………….. This event is not [...]

5 02, 2020

Lunch & Learn Trees and Shrubs for Arbor Day Tree Sale

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From the organizers: Program with door prizes at each event.  New topic every month. Call 256-297-1044 to reserve your seat.  Bring your own lunch.   ……………….. This event is not hosted by ASAN. As one of ASAN’s roles is to share information and resources across our network so as to maximize all of our impact, we [...]

10 05, 2019

Living Landscapes Training Trees; the first 25 years

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From the organizers: ISA Certified Arborist Lee McBride will discuss pruning young trees with the goal of developing strong tree structure with one dominant stem. $5 per person. To register please go to and click on the register tab.  Follow the link to our new registration system RecDesk. See you soon! ……………….. This event [...]

12 04, 2018

Silvopasture for Multiple Incomes: Field Day

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From the organizers: Silvopasture is a sustainable agroforestry system that involves an intentional integration and management of trees, forages, and livestock in a single management unit. This system offers more economical, environmental, and social benefits compared to the sole operation of its components. Well-managed silvopasture systems provide economic viability through regular, short-term incomes from forages and livestock [...]

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