2405, 2018

Forestry Endowment Landowner Tour

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From the organizers:
Want to turn your property into a valuable legacy for future generations? We can help! The Alabama Forestry Commission is hosting a tour! Here is a wonderful opportunity to learn about your forest lands, to interact with the Alabama Forestry Commission and other forest professionals, and to gain valuable knowledge and experience in […]

1805, 2018


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From the organizers:
The 34th Street Wholistic Gardens and Education Center (the Gardens) is a purposefully designed organic garden model and wellness park that allows people of all age groups and cultures to grow healthy foods and participate in activities that promote health, wellness and good stewardship of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region.  The Gardens has more than 100 […]

810, 2016

Blount County Solar Homes Tour

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The 24th annual Solar Home Tour will be Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th in the Blount County community of Royal.  This tour is part of the National Solar Home Tour sponsored by ASES, American Solar Energy Society, and is the largest grassroots solar event in the world.

The Blount County tour includes visiting 5 […]