13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Connecting Farms to the Community – December

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) and other ways to build direct farmer/consumer relationships Direct-to-consumer sales, and especially farm subscription arrangements, have immense benefits for farmers, including maximizing profit margins, increasing farmer cash flow early in the season, and facilitating consumer feedback, consumer education, and community-building. During COVID, we’ve seen a boom in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Starting a New Fruit Orchard – December

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Looking to start or expand your own orchard? Join Larry Stephenson from Southern Cultured Orchards & Nursery for a comprehensive workshop on fruit tree production. Larry will walk you through the steps, tools, and materials he’s currently using to prepare a new orchard, and he’ll cover key topics such as soil types, amendments, fertilizers, layout, [...]

14 05, 2018

Welcome to Our Farm: Agritourism Marketing and Customer Engagement

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From the organizers: Join ASAP and other regional farmers at Ivy Creek Family Farm for a half-day workshop on best practices and marketing strategies for growing or establishing your agritourism ventures. Learn about consumer trends and hear how other farms are using marketing and storytelling to turn visitors into farm friends. Gain tools and strategies [...]

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