2301, 2019

Southern SAWG conference

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From the organizers:
This is our annual event, providing a forum to learn about sustainable farming techniques and marketing strategies, community food systems, and federal farm policies and programs that promote sustainable agriculture. This event also provides producers, researchers, information providers, concerned consumers and community organizers the opportunity to build networks, strengthen […]

2601, 2018

Green Coast Council – Sustainability Summit

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The Green Coast Council’s 2018 Sustainablity Summit will take place on Friday, January 26 at the University of South Alabama.

Concurrent Session Track Topics —

Coastal Resiliency/Climate Adaptation
Energy and Water Conservation
Green Infrastructure/Ecosystems Services
Local Government Policies and Initiatives
Sustainable Agriculture and  Aquaculture
Sustainable Business Practices

More information at

This event is not hosted by ASAN. As one of […]

2701, 2017

2017 Sustainability Summit

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Hosted by the Green Coast Council:

The Green Coast Council is a forum for business and industry leaders who practice and promote environmental sustainability principles. Through meetings, conferences and actions, the Council provides positive environmental leadership throughout coastal Alabama. The Green Coast Council (GCC) is an initiative of the Alabama Coastal Foundation, Inc. which has the mission to improve and […]

2908, 2015

Permaculture Design Certification at Eldenbridge Institute

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Join the Eldenbridge Institute for a fall Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) class starting the last weekend of August and running on six alternating weekends through the beginning of November.

Permaculture is a holistic design science that is based in the observation of natural systems. It goal is to create regenerative systems that support human communities sustainably over […]