4 02, 2022

EAT South Seedy Saturday Seed Swap

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From the organizers: Seedy Saturday is E.A.T. South’s annual seed swap. Everyone is welcome to bring seeds if you have extra and take seeds if you need them. You can bring seeds you’ve saved from your own plants or extra seeds you purchased. We will have markers, envelopes and baggies for taking seeds home, but [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Farmer Roundtable: Growing Your Own Animal Feed – December

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Join us for a peer-to-peer share on the subject of growing your own feed, or supplementary feed, for livestock/poultry. Topics covered may include: growing grain for feed, determining feed mix ratios, using by-products like spent brewers grain, raising mealworms and black soldier flies, and more. This session will offer an opportunity for you to share [...]

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