13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Farmer Roundtable: Growing Your Own Animal Feed – December

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Join us for a peer-to-peer share on the subject of growing your own feed, or supplementary feed, for livestock/poultry. Topics covered may include: growing grain for feed, determining feed mix ratios, using by-products like spent brewers grain, raising mealworms and black soldier flies, and more. This session will offer an opportunity for you to share [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Connecting Farms to the Community – December

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) and other ways to build direct farmer/consumer relationships Direct-to-consumer sales, and especially farm subscription arrangements, have immense benefits for farmers, including maximizing profit margins, increasing farmer cash flow early in the season, and facilitating consumer feedback, consumer education, and community-building. During COVID, we’ve seen a boom in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Youth Session 2: Beginning Biointensive Agriculture – The Trench Method – December

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Description coming soon! This session is organized by and for youth but is open to any and all attendees willing to respect youth-centric space. Host: Ontrel Tate (ASAN Youth Council) Click here to see full session descriptions Save the dates, and make plans now to join us in December!  We’re so excited to see you [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Black Land Matters – December

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Five individual White landowners in America own more rural land than all of Black America combined. Systematic discrimination that has plagued Black America for centuries is reflected in the restrictions, threats, and erosions of Black land ownership. So, if we are to build a just, equitable, and sustainable food system, the issue of Black land [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Youth Session 1: Food Justice Cooking Hour – December

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Take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself to the concept of “food justice” while learning about healthy and affordable recipes, with three of ASAN’s Youth Council members. We will start off discussing what “food justice” means to us and looks like in our lives, then move to our demonstration of low-cost, good-for-you food, including: [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Water Works: Irrigation & Water Conservation Systems – December

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Learn new ways to catch, store or distribute water for food production, in this round table discussion. Farmer panelists and attendees will share about their: irrigation and water conservation systems such as drip irrigation, and overhead irrigation hardscaping and permaculture earthworks including berms and swales, and more We’ll cover not only creating these systems, but [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: “So You Think You Want To Grow Hemp” Now What? – December

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Learn what it takes to get into the hemp growing business. Learn the many options for growing and using hemp for medicine, food and industrial uses Learn about pest management and other important aspects of the production side We’ll also discuss legal aspects and the risks involved Hosts: Benjamin Bramlett (Sustainable CBD LLC) Katelyn Kesheimer [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: The Nuts and Bolts of Starting and Running a Co-op – December

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As with any business, cooperatives are guided by principles and practices that guide their operation and benefit to their member-owners. This workshop session will discuss how cooperatives differ from other types of businesses; benefits to members; and the steps to start-up, including legal documents and other requirements that will ensure that they remain viable enterprises. [...]

1 07, 2019

California Freshworks Summit

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From the organizers: Join California FreshWorks for a day-long summit focused on increasing access to healthy food by building an equitable and sustainable food system. Connect with others working to improve California’s food system, and attend learning sessions related to equity and inclusion efforts in FreshWorks’ investments. Session topics will include: Business development and credit [...]

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