5 05, 2020

Central Alabama CRAFT: Homestead-Scale Poultry-Keeping

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***THIS IS A FREE, VIRTUAL EVENT**** After postponing our April event, we are BACK. Our 2nd CRAFT of 2020 will be our first attempt at a virtual event. The McDowell Farm School will lead a virtual workshop on homestead-scale poultry-keeping. We will have lots of space for Q&A, just like a regular CRAFT event, and [...]

8 01, 2020

Managing Pig-Poultry Rotational Grazing

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From the organizers: Back by popular demand, Lee Rinehart of NCAT/ATTRA will be with us to discuss how to manage your pigs and poultry in a rotational grazing system to benefit the health of the land and of the animals. Lee Rinehart is an agriculture program specialist with ATTRA serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The [...]

7 08, 2015

Twenty-First Century Chickens – Managing a Small Backyard Flock

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Bay Area Food Bank's first garden workshop of the 2015 fall series will feature Ed Williamson, member of the Mobile Bay Area Backyard Chicken Club. Attendees will receive timely information about the challenges and rewards of owning a small flock that will provide fresh, nutritious eggs, fertilizer for the garden, and hours of enjoyment for [...]

6 02, 2015

Seasons in the Sun Workshop – Backyard Chickens

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Hosted by Seasons in the Sun: Workshops held at the farm, generally from 10am-12pm.  Cost is $25 per person (unless otherwise noted).  Information on all classes is posted at http://www.seasonsinthesun.biz/id27.html.  Workshop schedule for spring 2015 is as follows: 1/29. Hydroponic / Aquaponics 2/6. Kids Gardening 2/13. CSA (FREE) 2/13. Introduction in to Gardening 3/3. Backyard [...]

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