25 07, 2019

Integrated Approach for Managing Diseases and Parasites in Small Ruminants-Role of Browse

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From the organizers: The purpose of this training session is to educate small-ruminant producers, Extension professionals, and other educators on the prevalent disease and parasite challenges that jeopardize small ruminant health and performance as well as human health, and an integrated approach to prevent these problems. The focus of this year’s training is the use of browse [...]

26 09, 2018

Farmers Meeting: Internal Parasites in Ruminates

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From the organizers: 12                           Welcome & Blessing: Roger Felkins-Hillsboro Gin and Feed 12:10-12:40         Lunch… Goat Stew and Hot Dogs 12:40                     Alabama A&M Programs: Elicia Chaverest 1:00                        NRCS Programs: Kathy Gotcher 1:10                        Farm Opportunities/ Farm Energy Assessments: Mike Roden, AMRV RC&D 1:15                        Local Sheep Marketing: Charlie Thompson 1:20                        Internal Parasites in Ruminants: Dr. Cobb Questions [...]

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