8 12, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Community Potluck – December

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Sharing meals at the Forum has been an integral part of strengthening our community’s bond. Conversations about sessions, the place you’re from, and the work you do evolves between attendees over meals using ingredients provided by our farmers. We felt it was important to continue that tradition virtually. Whether your meal is traditional, familial, has [...]

23 03, 2019

European Seam Butchery & Charcuterie Workshop

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From the organizers: This course explains the "big eight" muscle groups used for charcuterie including guanciale, coppa, spalla, lonza, pancetta, lardo, prosciutto, and salumi. During this interactive demonstration, a whole hog is broken down to explain the muscles that are used for each style of charcuterie. The course also includes a discussion of how curing [...]

26 01, 2019

Whole Hog Butchery Workshop

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From the organizers: This course features nose-to-tail butchery, including a discussion of various ways to use different cuts. During this interactive demonstration, a whole hog is broken down to explain the various cuts of meat and the nuances of traditional American butchery. Participants will cut their own pork chop and will create a pound of [...]

22 01, 2019

Eyes on Montgomery: Robyn Hyden of Alabama Arise

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From the organizers: With so many pressing problems in Alabama, how do change agents even know what to focus on in 2019? Ask Robyn Hyden, Executive Director of Alabama Arise, who will speak to Make A Difference (MAD) attendees Jan. 22 about a citizen-generated change agenda that prioritizes key issues. Robyn will offer a preview [...]

2 11, 2018

Vegetable Producers Outreach , Food Safety Workshop & Field Tour

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From the organizers: Discussion Topics • Observe Food Safety Practices on the ground • Small Farm Food Safety Planning • Production Practices • Hoop House Production • USDA Updates • Leafy Greens Marketing Lunch Will Be Provided For More Information Contact: Andrew Williams—334-216-1344 Darrell McGuire—334-349-9115 Sam Boing—Regional Ext. Agent: 205-609-7771 ……………….. This event is not [...]

28 09, 2018

Farmers Meeting: Internal Parasites in Ruminates

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From the organizers: 12                           Welcome & Blessing: Roger Felkins-Hillsboro Gin and Feed 12:10-12:40         Lunch… Goat Stew and Hot Dogs 12:40                     Alabama A&M Programs: Elicia Chaverest 1:00                        NRCS Programs: Kathy Gotcher 1:10                        Farm Opportunities/ Farm Energy Assessments: Mike Roden, AMRV RC&D 1:15                        Local Sheep Marketing: Charlie Thompson 1:20                        Internal Parasites in Ruminants: Dr. Cobb Questions [...]

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