13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: Water Works: Irrigation & Water Conservation Systems – December

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Learn new ways to catch, store or distribute water for food production, in this round table discussion. Farmer panelists and attendees will share about their: irrigation and water conservation systems such as drip irrigation, and overhead irrigation hardscaping and permaculture earthworks including berms and swales, and more We’ll cover not only creating these systems, but [...]

13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: “So You Think You Want To Grow Hemp” Now What? – December

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Learn what it takes to get into the hemp growing business. Learn the many options for growing and using hemp for medicine, food and industrial uses Learn about pest management and other important aspects of the production side We’ll also discuss legal aspects and the risks involved Hosts: Benjamin Bramlett (Sustainable CBD LLC) Katelyn Kesheimer [...]

4 03, 2019

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Course

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From the organizers: Who Should Attend: Fruit and vegetable growers and others interested in learning about produce safety, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule, Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), and co-management of natural resources and food safety. This training is perfect for growers who would benefit from more in depth discussion of the [...]

20 12, 2018

European Seam Butchery & Charcuterie Workshop

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From the organizers: This course explains the "big eight" muscle groups used for charcuterie including guanciale, coppa, spalla, lonza, pancetta, lardo, prosciutto, and salumi. During this interactive demonstration, a whole hog is broken down to explain the muscles that are used for each style of charcuterie. The course also includes a discussion of how curing [...]

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