13 11, 2020

ASAN Food & Farm Forum: The Nuts and Bolts of Starting and Running a Co-op – December

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As with any business, cooperatives are guided by principles and practices that guide their operation and benefit to their member-owners. This workshop session will discuss how cooperatives differ from other types of businesses; benefits to members; and the steps to start-up, including legal documents and other requirements that will ensure that they remain viable enterprises. [...]

19 10, 2020

Coop Econ 2020: Learning by Doing – October

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From the organizers: The theme of this year’s CoopEcon is “Learning by Doing”. From the outset, attendees will be immersed in participatory exercises to search their own knowledge and experiences for what makes a “successful and democratic” cooperative. Workshops will ask participants to “act out” real-world challenges to building cooperatives This is the kind of [...]

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