7 01, 2022

FACT: Lambing, Kidding, and Calving on Pasture

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From the organizers: Join us to hear how we handle lambing, kidding, and calving, including what to have on hand, helpful tools, recognizing imminent birth, how a normal birth proceeds, and when and how to intervene. What do we do after the birth? How do we select mothers that do the work, so we don't [...]

9 10, 2016

Small Breed Cattle Workshop

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Hosted by ACES: If you are a small-scale farmer or food producer and have always wanted to get into the cattle business, then raising cattle representing a small-stature breed such as Dexter or Lowline Angus may be an option. Small-breed cattle are much smaller than traditional breeds but produce beef of similar quality in smaller portions and at lower management costs. Come and learn more [...]

7 05, 2015

South Poll Grass Cattle Association Field Day

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Annual field day held in rotating locations around the South, showcasing the South Poll breed of cattle.  South Poll cattle were bred by Teddy Gentry to be the "premier heat-tolerant maternal breed for the efficient conversion of  grass to tender beef."  More information at Registration before June 18 is $50.  After June 18 cost is [...]

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