1 09, 2020

Master Beef Short Course: Herd Health Webinar – September

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From the organizers: Herd Health (Antibiotic Resistance) is the animal-health practice of conducting plans and programs focusing on the health and production of herd animals. It is important for livestock farmers to monitor and maintain health. The following techniques are used, but not limited to herd health:  weight determination, fecal sampling, hoof trimming, temperature determination, [...]

4 08, 2020

Master Beef Short Course: Storage Forage/Varied Webinar – August

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From the organizers: Storage Forage/Varied: Many farmers with ruminant livestock need a constant amount of forages. Different kinds of forages such as legumes, hay, and silage must be stored at a specific temperature for a certain amount of time. However, forages lose fermentation and respiration if they are dried too long. This could cost farmers [...]

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