We are thrilled to announce that in 2018, alongside the (adult) Food & Farm Forum, for the first time ever we will be holding a Youth Food & Farm Forum geared towards youth ages 14-21!

Use the links at the top of the main Forum landing page to:

  • Register for the Youth Forum
  • Reserve lodging
  • Complete required forms
  • Apply for a scholarship


Why a Youth Food & Farm Forum?

One of ASAN’s core beliefs is that a resilient agricultural system must be intergenerational. In order to ensure the mission of ASAN is sustained beyond our time, it is imperative to involve the next generation of farmers and agricultural visionaries now.  Our main objectives in implementing the Youth Food & Farm Forum are: 1. to empower and inspire young attendees from throughout our state to cultivate interest in agriculture and food systems and 2. to intentionally create space within our organizing in which youth are heard, valued, meaningfully involved, and encouraged to take up leadership.

What is it, and who is it for?

The Youth Forum program will consist of 6-10 sessions on topics ranging from agricultural production, food sovereignty, community/grassroots organizing, and more.  These sessions will be led by guest presenters, with an emphasis on youth-led sessions, hands-on sessions, and sessions geared towards building hard skills and critical analysis.  Specific decisions about the topics and presenters featured, session formats, and other logistics, will be made by the Coordinator and a 6- to 8-person Youth Council, recruited by the Coordinator from ASAN’s network throughout the state.  Target attendance for the Youth Forum is between 40-50 youth ages 14-21.

What will we learn and see and do?

Click here for the full agenda!

All meals and social times will coincide with the schedule for the adult Food & Farm Forum, which can be found here.


How do I sign up?

Register for the Youth Forum using the main Forum registration page.  You will also need to reserve lodging, and fill out the required additional forms.  Youth under 18 are required to attend EITHER with a parent/guardian or with a chaperone who has agreed to be responsible for them during the weekend.


Are you or do you know of a young person who would like to attend the Youth Food & Farm Forum, OR if you are part of a group of youth who would like to attend together?  Contact Margaret at [email protected]!