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Hosted by AsheVillage:
Join world renowned fermentation guru and New York Times best selling author, Sandor Katz, for a hands-on, week-long workshop in Asheville, NC. The focus? Using food as medicine. Katz has been thriving with AIDS for over 20 years and credits his fermento, wild-crafting lifestyle with his health. The Wild Food & Fermentation Workshop will give participants the tools to naturally heal their bodies with fermented foods and wild edibles.

In the mornings, Katz will lead lectures and hands-on fermentation classes, demystifying the microbial process and connecting cultured foods with cultures around the world. Participants will learn to how to make fermented food and beverage favorites, such as: sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass, wine, mead, kombucha, kefir, idli, dosa, sourdough, farm cheese, and the basics of fermenting meat, beans and fish.

Afternoons include excursions with five top wild food experts: Alan Muskat, Marc Williams, Asia Suler, Luke Cannon, and Natalie Bogwalker. Participants will go on a wild mushroom hunt and create a harvest feast, concoct mineral rich bone broths, make digestive bitters, forage and make cleansing salad & pesto, and partake in a wild woodland tea party.

More information at www.ashevillage.org/wild-food-fermentation-workshop.

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