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From the organizers:

Alan Booker with The Eldenbridge Institute will start the PDC Certification class the last weekend of August and run on seven alternating weekends through the middle of November.

Permaculture is a holistic design science that is based in the observation of natural systems. Its goal is to create regenerative systems that support human communities sustainably over a time scale of centuries. By using design approaches that work with the Earth’s biosphere instead of trying to work against them, Permaculture seeks to meet the needs of human communities while repairing and maintaining the health of the ecosystems that support them.

Course Description

The Eldenbridge PDC is designed to meet all of the requirements for the internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification class, including all 72 hours of required course material, design project, and supplemental materials. The main course material will be presented in 48 sessions of 1.5 hours each for a total of 72 hours of in-class time. In addition, each student will complete and present a design project which will allow them to synthesize and apply the materials covered.

Dates & Times

Course Dates: The fall 2019 PDC will be presented over the course of seven weekends. Dates are:

  • August 24-25
  • September 7-8
  • September 21-22
  • October 5-6
  • October 19-20
  • November 2-3
  • November 16-17


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