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Hosted by the Hoochee Poosa Locavores, a chapter of Slow Foods:

The Hoochee Poosa Locavores meet regularly for potluck dinner meetings.  The next meeting will be a “Wild Onion Dinner”, a traditional Native American cleansing meal and social, hosted by Gary and Janet Smith at “The Lovely Janet” in Ashland.

Please bring: your own beverage, your own chair, a cleansing dish (see note below), and eating utensils (cups, plates, bowls, cutlery).

Wild Onion dinners are social gatherings held in the spring by various Native American tribes in Oklahoma, especially southeastern tribes. The meals focus on the spring appearance of wild onion. This is because wild onions are the first vegetables to emerge from the winter sleep.

This is a cleansing meal, thus de-tox type foods are requested. Some suggestions are: Greens, bread, dishes made with fresh fruit, especially apples, grapefruit, cranberries (or juices for any of these), lemons (lemonade would be nice), and cabbage, kale, beans, celery, avocado, and almonds.

Please RSVP to Gary and Janet (256-276-8599).

Remember to “spring forward” on March 8!

To subscribe to the Hoochee Poosa listserve to receive future meeting notices, email [email protected]

This event is not hosted by ASAN.  As one of ASAN’s roles is to share information and resources across our network so as to maximize all of our impact, we routinely post events that we ourselves are not hosting.  If you have questions regarding this event, please contact event organizers rather than ASAN.

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