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  • Fermentation is as old as life itself. These processes have been handed down and passed around, creating nutrient-dense foods and beloved dishes. The most familiar fermented foods are made using lacto-fermentation. This workshop will demystify fermentation through an exploration of tastings, some information on the science behind it and a discussion on it’s historical context.

    Lindsay Whiteaker of Harvest Roots Farm and Ferment of Mentone, Alabama will be presenting this workshop. She is co-owner of Alabama’s first fermentation company, and she has been an avid fermenter for six years. In the fall of 2014, Lindsay was able to study under Sandor Katz, Fermentation Revivalist and author of Art of Fermentation and Wild Fermentation. Aside from discussing fermentation, workshop participants will also have the opportunity to create their own ferment project to take home and enjoy in the weeks proceeding the event.

    What we will cover:

    Health benefits of lacto-fermented foods
    Learn the process of fermentation
    Why cultures have been fermenting foods from the beginning of time
    How to ferment foods
    How to add them into your diet
    Fermentation demonstration
    Everyone should bring the following items for the kraut demonstration: knife, cutting board, quart mason jar, and 1/4 pint mason jar.

    RSVP at: http://www.meetup.com/RedMountainMakers/events/224755605/

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