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From the organizers:

Often in the study of herbal medicine it can be difficult to go from book learning or even an online course or classroom setting to practicing what you have learned. As a beginner, having a mentor to help you bridge the gaps in your knowledge, bolster you when you feel unsure, and help you gain invaluable hands-on experience is one huge missing piece in herbal education. We are here to bridge that gap.

Maybe you have done online courses in the past and feel the knowledge just isn’t sticking. That’s when we begin to realize that unless you are getting experiential knowledge, and tapping in to tactile learning then that information slips away. We honor that and recognize that slow deliberate learning in a hands-on way is THE BEST WAY to learn and apply knowledge.

“The focus of the Family Herbalist Program to provide herbal literacy, body literacy, and health competency for your family and yourself at a level that we feel all persons should have in order to be confident as a human being on this planet. ”

— Clinical Herbalist Cameron Strouss RH (AHG), FH

How long? The program will be 2 years long and will begin April 6th, 2019.

Who should apply? We are really looking for people who are dedicated to deep learning about herbal medicine that honors the value of slow hands-on learning. I keep seeing people do online herbal schools or just doing weekend intensives 1 x monthly and they end up feeling ill-equipt or like a hobby herbalist. If you truly want to feel secure in helping your family — the learning process takes time. You have to take time to learn, you have to actively pursue, you have to spend time doing. We are not here to give you a crash course. We are here to guide you, to teach you, form a relationship with you, to equip you to help your family and those closest to you, and feel confident doing so.  If you want to participate in deep learning — join us.

How many hours of class time/education? 20 hours per month is the base time that we expect you to be in class, harvesting, or medicine making but you could get up to 50 hours (or more) monthly if your schedule allows for it. Mentees are required to choose and amass hours in a concentration in either Medicinal Gardening, Plant Identification/Harvesting, or Medicine Making. You would choose 1 concentration per year and would end up with 2 concentrations under your belt after your two years. Four hours of your monthly class time will be allotted to cover course material in your concentration.

We also allow you to join us in harvesting, gardening, medicine making, and at our market stand. Our scheduled dates for mentoring include:

  • Medicinal Gardening — Saturdays and Tuesday or Wednesday weekly
  • Harvesting and Identification — Thursdays and some Saturdays weekly
  • Medicine Making — Tuesday – Saturday 12-5 pm available weekly

  • Farmers Market Assisting — This is very educational as you get to see 5 minute counter consultations/on the spot formulations and learn scope of practice/appropriate language usage. (Schedule below.)

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