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From the organizers:

Alan has worked as a systems engineer for almost three decades and has a deep understanding of the design processes that are responsible for creating the infrastructure of everyday life. When engineers, architects, or other design professionals sit down to start designing, they usually create a set of design requirements that lay out the criteria for what they are going to create.

Often these requirements include the need to comply with certain standards, such as the guidelines for UL rating or USDA Organic standards.  The problem is that nobody has ever created a single, comprehensive set of requirements for creating products, processes, or projects that are ecologically sound, regenerative, and also healthy for people.

The Biocompatible Design approach is to attempt to create a set of design principles that address the whole range of issues that must be considered when evaluating whether a technology is biocompatible, and to structure those design principles so that they are broadly applicable across all different forms of technology. The principles are worded in a positive and actionable fashion, instead of simply providing long lists of what is prohibited.

Starting on July 16, Alan will be hosting an 8-week webinar series featuring a discussion between him and number of other experts as they begin to work through and refine the criteria that Alan has already created.

Registration is open through Sunday, April 14. 


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