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Reimagining Together

This decade is a pivotal moment for our planet, our nation and our state. Will we make the necessary shifts to address the challenges of climate change, injustice, inequity and inequality? The disruptions of 2020 provided the momentum we need to come together in ways like we’ve never seen before to create a common vision for our shared environmental future in Alabama.

Join us virtually at Alabama Water Rally 2021 April 9 – 11 and be a critical part of reimagining where we can go in Alabama and how we can get there. Together we can create the change that is needed for a just, regenerative, healthy and resilient Alabama where access to clean water, clean energy, and clean jobs are equitably shared by all!

Registration Open Now!

Only $50* for a weekend PACKED

with information + discussion + planning.

* Scholarships and sliding scale payment options available

NOTE: You do NOT need to have a computer, webcam, microphone, or other to participate in Alabama Water Rally. You can also call in from your landline or cell phone. You may miss out on some of the more interactive features of the conference, but you can still listen and learn!

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