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From the organizers:

This year’s Christmas potluck focuses on women’s empowerment on winter wellness for cold and flu holistic treatments for families and children, with three special guest speakers Joanna Gayle Mann of Walden Farmacy, Helen Ryan from the Ryan Clinic, and Jeannine Freed of Sanctuary Apothecary.

The pot luck will be held on Thursday December 12th at 6:30 pm at Jennifer Dunbar’s home at 3709 Locksley Dr. Mt. Brook. Al., 35223.

About the Speakers:

Joanna Mann is a kundalini yogi, herbalist, energy healer, massage therapist, farmer, birth-worker, mother, and co-owner of Walden Farmacy. Walden Farmacy is a small-scale permaculture style herb farm located in Bessemer, Alabama. At Walden Farms we grow and wild craft small batch, sustainable herbal medicines with families in mind. We believe each person possesses the capacity to heal themselves, and we offer support, guidance, and medicines made from the earth that allow one to move back into balance – mind, body, and spirit.

Joanna’s path into healing began when she decided to abandon a more traditional life to pursue her happiness and reclaim her health. The stress of several years had built up- leaving her not feeling well physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. On the yoga mat is where she began to find her authentic self and it quickly became clear to her she wanted to share this gift with others. So in 2006 she dropped out of law school and transitioned into teaching yoga. Her exploration of the healing arts continued with massage education in 2007. In her last month of massage school she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and thus was pushed deeper into her personal hero’s journey. Frustrated that the medicines used to control the arthritis made her sicker than the arthritis itself, she turned to diet and herbs. Even though Joanna found her healing with the use of herbs, she did not pursue an herbal career until a decade later when a visit to a sacred cave, an auspicious mushroom find, and a series of fortunate events made it clear to her there was a niche she was being called to fill. Her personal success started her on her unique path of working to connect people with themselves, with nature, and with their own innate intuitive abilities in order to propel them into greater happiness, healthiness, and holiness.

Joanna will be speaking on some of her favorite winter time wellness tips with lifestyle advice and herbs to help you and your family stay well in the midst of cold and flu season.

Helen Ryan is passionate about helping people find out what is making them sick. As a naturopath and owner of the The Ryan Clinic, Helen wants to help her clients understand what methods will best support the body so the body can do what it is supposed to do. ” There are things going on inside of us that you can’t see, ” she says. ” Everything from the environment to what we think and what we put in and on our bodies affects our health and wellbeing.”

From babies yet to be born to the very elderly, collegiate and professional athletes to everyone in between. Helen assists people who want to enhance their performance or who need help in dealing with significant illnesses. ” I look at the entire picture because no two people are alike, ” she say. ” Every person I work with is a new puzzle. ”

Helen will talk about pathways that contribute to how we get sick in order to be proactive in preventing as much as possible, sickness coming our way.

Jeannine Freed is from Sanctuary Apothecary. It was founded as an extension of Sanctuary Farms, a small sustainable family farm in Southside Al Etowah County. My knowledge of the power of herbs, botany and plant identification began at a young age learning from many mentors, classes and publications as I developed what are now some of my most popular products from recipes created out of necessity for myself and my family over the years. The sales of Sanctuary Apothecary directly supports the farm and profit is filtered back into our small business as we grow more and more of the herbs we use as crops each year here on our farm. All ingredients that we do not produce are sourced and foraged as responsibly and sustainably as possible. Each product is made in small batches. by hand, by me, on our farm.

Jeannine will talk about and discuss keeping hydrated, her signature syrup she makes with herbs and elderberries, immune supporting essential oil blends, salve/oils that help with colds. and respiratory/fevers as well as herbal teas. Jeannine will do a demo of how to easily make a detox cold and flues, aches and pains bath salt, which may include samples and talk about how smudging with herbs can also help detox a room

As always, please bring your favorite dishes and friends and family and children alike. Come join us in celebrating the joy and jubilee of the Xmas spirit and time of year to hang together in camaraderie, learning together and enjoying the festivities of the holiday season. And in the special sentiments and words of the Beatles, ” a splendid time is guaranteed for all! ” ~Sgt Pepper! “

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