WFM 5 percent day imageWe are thrilled to announce that the Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN) has been selected by Whole Foods Market (WFM) Mountain Brook, as the beneficiary of this quarter’s 5% Community Giving Day!  Five percent of the store’s net proceeds on Tuesday, December 8, 2015, will be donated to support ASAN.  This generous donation will enable ASAN to continue its work to grow, support, and tie together Alabama’s burgeoning local, sustainable food movement.

Come stock up on food and more, or make a WFM date with a friend for lunch, or dinner, or coffee, or drinks, knowing that a portion of your purchase will benefit ASAN!

ASAN staff, board, and volunteers will be in the store throughout the day on December 8.  Please drop in and say hello!  And bring a friend!  We’ll have membership forms on hand, so if you have been meaning to join ASAN or to renew your existing membership, now is the time!

In the almost nine years it has been open, WFM Mountain Brook has cultivated a passionate customer base of folks who want their household’s food dollars to do more — to buy wholesome food but also to support the development of a wholesome food system.  ASAN’s work is to carry out that development here in Alabama, and accordingly our base has always encompassed the full breadth of roles in the food system — producers, community leaders, market manager, entrepreneurs, concerned consumers, and so on.  ASAN shares WFM’s goals to nourish strong communities, preserve and replenish the environment, cherish organic farming, and celebrate all living beings; our grassroots approach appreciates the interconnectedness of these goals — we cannot have one without having the other three.  In partnering with WFM Mountain Brook for 5% Day, we hope to “cross-pollinate” across the families that each of us has built, here in Alabama.

Whole Foods Market created 5% Days to give back to their local communities by providing support to nonprofit organizations whose programs directly benefit the communities surrounding their stores.  If your farm, or your refrigerator, have benefited from the work that ASAN has done in the past 15 years – and if you would like to help ensure that that work will continue for another 15 years – please stop in to support us on December 8!

WHERE:  Whole Foods Market Mountain Brook, 3100 Cahaba Village Plaza, Birmingham, AL 35243
WHEN:  Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 8am-10pm