910, 2015

Fencing Workshop

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The owner of will be at Camp McDowell and the McDowell Farm School on Friday, October 9, installing and demonstrating his company’s fencing.  This semi-permanent electric fencing is operable at a fraction of the cost of conventional fencing, requires less maintenance and is easier to run electric cross fencing off of.  It is a more substantial alternative […]

2609, 2015

Twenty-First Century Chickens – Managing a Small Backyard Flock

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Bay Area Food Bank’s first garden workshop of the 2015 fall series will feature Ed Williamson, member of the Mobile Bay Area Backyard Chicken Club. Attendees will receive timely information about the challenges and rewards of owning a small flock that will provide fresh, nutritious eggs, fertilizer for the garden, and hours of enjoyment for […]

2509, 2015

Alabama Beekeepers Association Annual Convention

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If you are a beekeeper or interested in beekeeping this event is for you.  This event will provide many classes for all levels of beekeepers. There will be many vendors and hundreds of beekeepers who will be happy to answer your questions.  See website below for more information on the event.

*Meals are included with the […]

2409, 2015

Workshop- Profitable Grazing from the Soil Up

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This workshop will assist you in honing the skills needed to produce high quality food and a quality lifestyle – profitably. Financial profitability and the improvement of the farm’s natural resources (soil, water, plants, wild-life, and culture) are the two essential factors of any agricultural enterprise.Producing high quality food takes whole farm management thinking; assessment of land capability, fertility, water, […]

1409, 2015

Veterans Agriculture Training Workshop

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This event is open to veterans, service members and their families. This workshop will cover the business of agriculture; featuring information on

agricultural business startup
expanding your farming operation
Resources for veterans
and more.

Registration is free and limited scholarship available for those traveling more than 30 miles.
This event is not hosted by ASAN. As one of ASAN’s roles is […]

1209, 2015

Fermentation 101, Birmingham

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Fermentation is as old as life itself. These processes have been handed down and passed around, creating nutrient-dense foods and beloved dishes. The most familiar fermented foods are made using lacto-fermentation. This workshop will demystify fermentation through an exploration of tastings, some information on the science behind it and a discussion on it’s historical context.

Lindsay Whiteaker […]

1209, 2015

Introduction to Plant Taxonomy/Classification

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Plant taxonomy is the science of recognizing, classifying and naming plant species. This fascinating field of study gives insights into evolution, natural history and ecology. Participants in this class will learn about the history of modern taxonomy, the basics of naming plants, the fundamentals of phylogenetics (plant family trees), the plant classification hierarchy and the […]

2908, 2015

Creating a Haven for Butterflies: Your Own Yard and Beyond

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Welcoming butterflies into our landscapes is personally rewarding and environmentally important. As more and more habitat is lost, learn how your yard can become a beautiful oasis that sustains the butterfly species that live in your area. This workshop will focus on why using native host and nectar plants is important and how to incorporate these […]

2908, 2015

Ethnic Vegetable Crop Workshop

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Join S. Rao Mentreddy and other presenters for workshop covering: production and management of ethnic vegetable crops, integrated pest management techniques, cooking demonstration and information regarding marketing of ethnic vegetables.

*Limited scholarships available for deserving farmers.

*Registration includes lunch and course materials


This event is not hosted by ASAN.  As one of ASAN’s roles is to share information […]

2808, 2015

Family Fall and Winter Herbal Wellness

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This workshop is a mix of theory and practical skills perfectly suited for the beginner or experienced herbal learner. You will learn how herbs work, which ones to use, how to blend herbal infusions, make herbal syrups, vinegars, lozenges, and garlic lemonade to stock your own herbal medicine cabinet. The class will sample these items […]