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404, 2017

Alliance Follow-on Workshop and Field Day

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Hosted by the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture Production and Mississippi State University:

Major activities will include presentations and demonstrations on strawberry culture and management; and tools to extend fruit and vegetable growing seasons by several weeks in the spring and fall.  Lunch will be provided and include a strawberry taste testing, but please call to be […]

2210, 2016

Farm Day at Peinhardt Living History Farm

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Each year the Peinhardt Living History Farm in Cullman is open to the public for one Saturday in October. The farm is opened for everyone to come out and experience history in a setting that will take you back in history and allow you to actually participate in some “hands-on” work.  Exhibits and demonstrations are spread […]

1009, 2016

Silvopasture and Goat-Herd Management Field Day

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Silvopasture is a sustainable agroforestry system that involves an intentional integration and management of trees, forages, and livestock in a single management unit.

The objective of this program is to educate forest landowners, farmers, and agricultural professionals, and eventually make them able to implement sustainable silvopasture practices to efficiently utilize their resources in order to benefit current as […]

2208, 2015

Pasture Renovation and Workshop Field Day

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Project Goal: Teach livestock farmers to become more efficient and successful with forages, forage management, and natural resources.

What to expect: Educational presentations, interaction, team work, weed and forage identification, weed control, plans for pasture renovation, and how to calculate forage availability.

Pre-registration is required.

2606, 2015

South Poll Grass Cattle Association Field Day

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Annual field day held in rotating locations around the South, showcasing the South Poll breed of cattle.  South Poll cattle were bred by Teddy Gentry to be the “premier heat-tolerant maternal breed for the efficient conversion of  grass to tender beef.”  More information at

Registration before June 18 is $50.  After June 18 cost is $85. […]